My name is Elle Graeme. Aspiring illustrator and comic artist. This blog is for original work and reblogs of illustrations, comics, and humorous events.
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My piece for Qpop's Sailormoon Tribute Show! Come by and say hello and check out equally cool arts!

Helen’s character designs are always on point. 

Loving Mercury’s style… and all the pieces in this art show! <3


My piece for the Sailor Moon Tribute Show, Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi! The gallery will take place at Qpop in Little Tokyo on April 5th (this Saturday!) If you’ll be in the Los Angeles area or near it you should check it out :D (A lot of amazing artists!)

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Character work continued…

Shakespeare, Spartacus, Susan B. Anthony and lastly, Sherman’s transformation when his cosmic double collides.

Check out the Art of Peabody and Sherman to see more work from our team. Go watch Peabody and Sherman in theaters if you haven’t already! You will be dazzled. 

All images are property of DreamWorks Animation.

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Character work continued…

Montezuma, Sacajawea, Queen Victoria…

All images are property of DreamWorks Animation.

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More February sketches

I had a good few weeks in between my contract work so i was sketching everyday at one point spending 1-2 hours on these. I would say they have no perspective or soul just getting ideas out quick. 

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I thought I’d do a little spotlight on some amazing artists you should be following!

Alexandra Douglass (tumblr | twitter | portfolio) - creator of the webcomic The Cloud Factory. An incredible digital painter, adept at creating powerful, atmospheric pieces. She’s a constant source of personal inspiration to step up my game.

Kali Ciesemier (tumblr | twitter | portfolio) - omega-level freelance illustrator. She’s got the best colors in the business, as far as I’m concerned, with some of the most magnificently composed pieces going today.

Anne Szabla (tumblr | twitter | deviantART) - creator of Bird Boy, one of the most original-looking comics out there. With an aesthetic that’s simultaneously remote and personal, her worlds are deep, lived-in, and mythic.

You should definitely check these artists out if you haven’t already, you won’t be disappointed.

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A recent background tile, commission by studio virtys for their game FateCraft. 

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Some HD artworks from upcoming Song of the Sea animated feature film directed by Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells).

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Nicolas Rix


New Sketchbook cover page!



Aranda’s been staying over for the last few nights~ I drew this for her ♥

My Cielo and her Piacere (the floating girl).  I got to pick out her clothes~

Look at this sweet picture! Amber draws such a precious-looking Pia~